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The Tzorafolk Home Studio is exactly what it says - a home studio - these days set up in my workroom/study and using the computer for recording and a minimum of equipment - a couple of Shure microphones, some effects units, a midi module and an old mixer. However the results aren't at all bad. More a labour of love, this is not a professional studio by any means - I couldn't get a 4 piece band in the room let alone record them. Initially set up to produce multi-tracked recordings as "playback" for my own performances when "live" musicians were unavailable (more often when the client didn't want to pay for them) I used an Akai tape recorder (reel-to-reel of course) to make a few cassettes of our earlier music - "Country Style" and "The History of Country Music".

With the advent of the C.D. it became obvious that the next step was to produce one and so our first production, "While the Night Goes By" came into being.

While the Night Goes By
TzoraFolk CD-001

The next job was actually part of my day job working for Tzora Active Systems Ltd. I recorded the background music for a promotional video presenting an aid for lifting the aged or disabled called "The Easy Mover". The basis for this was Ray Scudero's "Horizon Dawn".

During the earlier months of 2008, Judy Cohen was recording her own C.D. "What's a Girl to Do" (not at the Tzorafolk Home Studio). She wanted the final track "The Road Home" to have a country flavour and so she asked Judi 'n' Lynn Lewis to record it which we did with much pleasure.

What's a Girl To Do

Our second major project was "Senior Momemts - songs by Amiel Schotz with Lynn Lewis (guitar, mandolin, etc.). This is a collection of songs that Amiel has written over the last few years much of which is humourous, even side splitting or poignant.

Senior Moments
TzoraFolk CD-002

Released in September 2009 is the latest batch of songs from Judi 'n' Lynn. This is an album of traditional country and folk songs using all acoustic instrumentation. The one exception is the title track, "Pecan Pie", the words of which came to me in a flash and so we decided to use it on the CD. Helping us out on this one is Dvir Cafri adding his tenor voice to ours.

Pecan Pie
TzoraFolk CD-003

In the pipeline are three solo albums by yours truly: The first is based on the live programme I've been performing lately - A Tribute to Ramblin' Jack Elliott, the second is a collection of songs that tell a story - the third, as the title suggests include many of the humourous songs that I've been performing for the the last 40+ years. The first two are almost ready for publication and only require remixing and production.

Tribute to Ramblin' Jack Elliott
TzoraFolk CD-004
Songs that tell a story
TzoraFolk CD-005
The Funny Side of Life
TzoraFolk CD-006

I also have available a collection of recordings by my old bands in the U.K. - The Clay County Travellers with a selection of "live" recordings from various venues and a couple of tracks from "Britain's 3rd. Country Music Festival - Recorded Live!" and The Southern Ramblers which, for want of a better title, I've called "The Last Album" as it seems unlikely that we'll ever get back together again in a studio.

The Clay County Travellers - Live Recordings
Britain's 3rd. Country Music Festival
The Last Album

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