Fifteen Cents and a Dollar [C]


Fifteen cents is all I’ve got, a dollar is all I crave.
Fifteen cents to buy me a drink and a dollar to dig my grave.


I went down to visit my uncle the other day and he was showing me
all around his house, and it was a big ol' house.
And he took me down the hallway and slammed open a door
and took me into a room and he said "This here is a bedroom".
Well I could see it was a bedroom; had lots of different beds in it .... well three.
And he pointed to one bed over there in the corner and said
"That bed's worth a whole heap of money; goes back to Louis XIV".
Well I said "We've got a bed in our house goes back to IKEA on the fifteenth.



He said "you’ll have to excuse me right now 'cause I've got to go out and
cut some stovewood, but you can carry on and have a look around.
So I went on down the hallway and I found me a room at the back of the
house, kinda shelved away, like maybe they didn't want me to find it or
something, but I found it!

Well in this room was the darnedest great big ol' horse watering trough
you ever did see, all enamelled over, with a pipe at one end leading up to
this thing on the wall, made of that white dish stuff, with a handle on top
and you could turn this handle and get water out!
Thing was no good though; had a hole in the bottom and all the water kept
tricklin' away but I plugged it up with a corn cob and it worked just fine.

But the thing I really come here to tell you about this evening, folks,
was over there in the corner; 'bout a chair's height offa the floor,
and that was the darnedest thing you ever did see for washing your feet!
And you could jerk a lever and get clean water for the other foot too!

And sitting on top there were these two lids.
I say two lids but I lifted the top one and the bottom one was plum wore out,
had a hole right through the middle of it!
Well I took me them lids home and I used the top one for a bread board,
and I framed my picture in the bottom one!


A dollar to dig my grave.

by E. Riggins

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