You're A Flower In The Wildwood
Written by A. P. Carter




On one evening long ago when the sun was sinkin' low,
My true lover went to sail upon the sea,
It was in the month of June when the roses were in bloom,
That he took me in his arms and said to me.


You're a flower bloomin' in the wildwood,
A flower bloomin' there for me,
Sweeter than the morning dew and I'll soon return to you,
You're a flower that is bloomin' there for me.


Then this message came to me from the captain on the sea,
And it told me that my darling was dead,
Oh the shocking word surprise brought the teardrops to my eyes,
When I thought about the last words that I said.


Now he can't return to me he got drowned in the sea,
And he's passed over life's weary way,
When it's in the month of June and the roses are in bloom,
Oh it seems that I can hear my darling say.

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