(I'm Going to Georgia) Worry My Life Away




I'm going to Georgia, I'm going today,
I'm going to Georgia to worry my life away.


I once loved a young girl as pure as my life,
Once I had promised to make her my wife,
I fulfilled this promise to brighten my life,
You see what's become of her being my wife.


My foot's in the stirrup, my life's in your hands,
I'm courting you darlin' to marry you if I can,
I'm leaving Virginia, I'm going to roam,
I'm going to Georgia to make it my home.


The children are hungry, I'm sick in my bed,
No one here to love me, I wish I was dead,
It's beefsteak when I'm hungry, rye whiskey when I'm dry,
Greenback when I'm hard up and heaven when I die.

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