Whoa Mule
Chord-chart by Lynn Lewis




G / / / Once I had an old gray mule, |G / D / | His name was Simon Slick, G / C / He'd roll his eyes and back his ears, |D / G / | And how that mule would kick!


G / / / | Whoa mule, whoa, G / D / Whoa mule - I say, |G / C / I ain't got time to kiss you now, |D / G / | Ole muley's run away.


Took my gal to the blacksmith shop, To have her mouth made small, She turned around a time or two, And swallowed shop and all.


Bought my gal a bicycle, She learned to ride it well, Rode into a telegraph pole, And bust it all to (hell) pieces.


Grandma had a yellah hen, Yellah as gold, She sat her on three buzzard eggs, And hatched out one old crow.


Grandma had a muley cow, Muley when it's born, Took a jaybird thirty years, To fly from horn to horn.


Never marry an old man, I'll tell you the reason why, His lips are all tobacco juice, And he never zips his fly.


If I chewed tobacco, Tell you what I'd do, I'd chew it nice and juicy, And spit it all on you.


There's gold way up in them there hills, I know this for the truth, 'cos my sweetheart fell up there, And lost her new front tooth.

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