What Am I Doing Hanging 'round?
Written by Owens Castleman, Travis Lewis & Michael Martin Murphey




What am I doin' hanging 'round?
I should be on that train and gone,
I should be riding on that train to San Antone,
What am I doing hanging 'round?


Just For a short vacation I went down to Mexico,
I didn't have much time to spend, about a week or so,
And I lightly took advantage of a girl who loved me so,
But I found myself a-thinkin' when the time had come to go.


She took me in the garden just for a little walk,
I didn't know much Spanish and we had no time to talk,
And she told me that she loved me not with words but with a kiss,
But I found myself thinkin' of that train I could not miss.


Well, it's been a year or so, and I wanna’ go back again,
And if I get the money, then I'll ride that same old train,
I know That chances come but once and though I sure missed mine,
I can’t help wondering when I hear some whistle crying.

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