Wandering Boy
Written by A. P. Carter




Out in the cold world, and far away home,
Some mother's boy, is wandering all alone,
No one to guide him, or keep his footsteps right,
Some mother's boy, is lonely tonight.


Bring back to me my wandering boy,
There is no other, left to give me joy,
Tell him his mother, with faded cheeks and hair,
Is at the old home, awaiting him there.


Out in the hallway, there stands a vacant chair,
And an old pair of shoes, that once he did wear,
Empty the cradle, that once he loved so well,
Oh, how I miss him, Lord no tongue can tell.


Well I remember, those parting words he said,
We'll meet up yonder, where tears are never shed,
In that land of sunshine, away from toil and care,
When life is over, I'll meet you up there.

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