Truck Drivin' Man
Written by Terry Fell




I stopped at a roadhouse in Texas,
A little place called Hamburger Dan's
I heard that old jukebox a-playing,
A song called the truck driving man.


The waitress then brought me some coffee,
I thanked her but called her again,
I said, "That ol' song sure does fit me
'cause I'm a truck driving man".


Pour me another cup of coffee,
For it is the best in the land,
I'll put a quarter in the jukebox,
And play "The Truck Driving Man".


I jumped back aboard my old deisel,
And then like a flash I was gone,
I got them ol' truck wheel a-rollin,
And now I'm on my way to San Antone.


When I get my call up to glory,
They'll take me away from this land,
I'll ride my truck up to heaven,
'cause I am a truck driving man.


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