The Tennessee Stud
Written by Jimmy Driftwood




Along about eighteen twenty-five,
I left Tennessee very much alive,
I never would have made it through the Arkansas mud,
If I hadn't been a-ridin' on the Tennessee Stud.
I had some trouble with my sweetheart's paw,
One of her brothers was a bad outlaw,
I sent her a letter by my Uncle Fud,
And I rode away on the Tennessee Stud.


The Tennessee Stud was long and lean,
The color of the sun, and his eyes were green,
He had the nerve and he had the blood,
and there never was a horse like the Tennessee Stud.


One day I was riding in a beautiful land,
When I ran smack into an indian band,
They jumped their nags with a whoop and a yell,
And I rode away like a bat out of hell.
I circled their camp a time or two,
Just to show what a Tennessee horse can do,
Them redskin boys couldn't get my blood,
'cause I was a-riding on the Tennessee stud.


We drifted on down into no man's land,
We crossed that river called the Rio Grande,
I raced my horse with the Spaniard's foal,
'til I got me a skin full of silver and gold.
Me and a gambler couldn't agree,
We got in a fight over Tennessee,
We jerked our guns and he fell with a thud,
And I got away on the Tennessee Stud.


I got just as lonesome as a man can be,
Dreamin' of my girl in Tennessee,
The Tennessee Stud's green eyes turned blue,
'cause he was dreamin' of a sweetheart too.
We loped right back across Arkansas,
I whupped her brother and I whupped her paw,
I found that girl with the golden hair,
And she was a-riding on the Tennessee Mare.


Stirrup to stirrup and side by side,
We crossed the mountains and the valleys wide,
We came to Big Muddy and we forded the flood,
On the Tennessee Mare and the Tennessee Stud.
Pretty little baby on the cabin floor,
Little horse colt playing 'round the door,
I loved that girl with the golden hair,
And the Tennessee Stud loved the Tennessee Mare.

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