Written by Doc Watson & Merle Watson




I've been here a month or more, stuck in this old city,
People here that call it home, they're the ones I pity,
Lord I'm homesick, blues are the only songs I ever seem to pick,
I go out and walk the streets 'til I get blisters on my feet,
I'm southbound.


I'm all right 'til late at night and sitting by my window,
I count sheep but I can't sleep for listening to that train blow,
Then I start to pine when I hear that great big engine rolling down the line,
I'm going back to spend some time where I can have fun when I ain't got a dime,
I'm southbound.


Southbound she's burnin' the ground and I don't mean maybe,
Sure I'm glad I caught this train, I'm gonna see my baby,
I've been lonesome, longing to see them hills that I come from,
Listen to the engine rattle and roar, taking me back home once more,
I'm southbound.

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