Somebody Loves You Darling
Written by Wiley and Zeke Morris
Chord-chart by Lynn Lewis
Chord progression for verse can be the same as the chorus or as shown.




G / D / | Somebody loves you darlin', C D G / | Somebody loves you I know, G / D / | Somebody loves you dearly, C D G / | Why did you let them go?


D / A / I see the postman comin', |G A D / He's comin' down the street, |D / A / And I know he's got a letter, |G A D D7 | 'cause he's headin' straight for me.


There's going to be a wedding, It's gonna be in the fall, So boys and girls get ready, I'm gonna invite you all.


Now somebody came to see me, Somebody came last night, Somebody asked me to marry, And of course, I said "all right".


Now, somebody's tall and handsome, Somebody's eyes are blue, Somebody's hair is curly, Somebody's love is true.

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