So You Think You've Got Troubles
Written by Marvin Rainwater
Chord-chart by Lynn Lewis




/ |G / / / |G / / So you think - you’ve got troubles, / |G / / / |D / / The more you try the worse it gets, / |G / / / |C / / So you think the world don’t like you, / |G / D / |G / / / Well brother, you ain’t heard nothin’ yet.


|G / / / Well my car sounds like an old tin can, |C / / / My wife ran off with another man, |G / / / I sprained a muscle in my fishin’ hand, |D / |G / And my income tax is due. |G / / / I lost all my money in a poker game, |C / / / I think my left leg’s goin’ lame, |G / / / My brother asked me to change my name, |D / |G / / And that’s just what I think I’ll do.



My doctor told me not to smoke, Drink nothin’ stronger than a coke, I ain’t even s’posed to hear a dirty joke, I might laugh and strain my heart. I’ve had every ailment known to man, From African mumps to the dishpan hand, Lost every race I ever ran, Didn’t even get a start.



Some people say I’m a pessimist, And that I out to make the best of this, So maybe I am a pessimist, That’s one thing I wouldn’t know. There’s one thing I do know, I’ll tell you right now, I’m milking the wrong end of this old cow, There’s too many wrinkles on this boy’s brow, That something’s got to go.



Gonna put me a bar in the back of my car, And drive myself to drink

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