She's More to be Pitied
Written by Ruby Rakes
Chord-chart by Lynn Lewis




|G / / / She’s there at the bar every evening, |G / D / Face powdered her cheeks painted red, |G / / / Her beauty has faded too early, |G D G G7 Brought on by the fast life she’s led.


|C / G / She’s more to be pitied than scolded, |G / D / She needs to be loved not de-spised, |G / / / |/ / / Too much beer and wine - - - too many good times, |G / D |G / / / | The lure of the honky-tonk wrecked her young life.


She once was the belle of the ballroom, She’d have made some man a sweet wife, But too many parties, the wrong side of town, Ruined her happy young life.


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