Shady Grove (Doc Watson version)
Chord-chart by Lynn Lewis
Same chord progression for verse and chorus.




Am / G / | Shady Grove, my little love, Am / C / | Shady Grove I say, C / G / Shady Grove, my little love, |G / Am / | I'm bound to go a-way.


Cheeks as red a a blooming rose, And eyes are the prettiest brown, She's the darling of my heart, Sweetest girl in town.


I wish I had a big fine horse, And corn to feed him on, And Shady Grove to stay at home, And feed him while I'm gone.


Went to see my Shady Grove, She was standing in the door, Her shoes and stockin's in her hand, And her little bare feet on the floor,


When I was a little boy, I wanted a Barlow knife, And now I want little Shady Grove, To say she'll be my wife.


A kiss form pretty little Shady Grove, Is sweet as brandy wine, And ther ain't no girl in this old world, Thats's prettier than mine.


Peaches in the summertime, Apples in the fall, If I can't have the girl I love, I won't have none at all.

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