Shady Grove (Ricky Skaggs version)
Chord-chart by Lynn Lewis




G / / / | Coffee grows on the white oak tree, |G / F C | The river flows with brandy, |G / / / | The rocks on the hill all covered in gold, |D / C / | And the girls are sweeter than candy.


G / / / | Shady Grove my little miss, G / F C | Shady Grove my darling, G / / / | Shady Grove my little miss, D / C / |C / / /| I'm going back to Harlan.


Every time I walk this road, It's always dark and cloudy, Every time I see that girl, I always tell her howdy.


I went down to Shady Grove, She asked me in for supper, Stubbed my toe on a table leg, And rubbed my nose in the butter.


When you see that gal of mine, Her smile is always sunny, She's the darlin' of my heart, I love her better than honey.


If you see my little miss, If you see my darling, If you see my little miss, Tell her I'm going to Harlan.

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