Roving Gambler




I am a roving gambler, I've gambled all around,
Whenever I meet with a deck of cards,
I lay my money down,
I lay my money down.


I had not been in Frisco many more weeks than three,
I met up with a pretty little gal,
And she fell in love with me,
She fell in love with me.


She took me in her parlor, she cooled me with her fan,
She whispered low in her mother's ear,
I love this gambling man,
I love this gambling man.


Daughter oh dear daughter, how can you treat me so,
Leave your dear old mother here,
And with this gambler go,
With this gambler go.


Mother oh dear mother, you know I love you well,
But the love I hold for this gambling man,
No human tongue can tell,
No human tongue can tell.

Alt. 5.

My mother oh my mother, you can not understand,
If you ever see me a coming back,
I'll be with a gambling man,
I'll be with a gambling man.


I left her there in Frisco and I wound up in Maine,
I met up with a gambling man,
And we got in a poker game,
We got in a poker game.


We put our money in the pot and dealt the cards around,
I caught him dealing from the bottom of the deck,
So I shot that gambler down,
I shot the gambler down.


Well, now I'm for prison, got a number for my name,
The Warden said as he locked the door,
You've gambled your last game,
You've gambled your last game.

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