Rocky Mountain Belle




Here’s a story I will tell, ‘bout my rocky mountain belle,
She was everything to me my very life,
We had smiles and we had tears and for twenty seven years,
She promised that someday she’d be my wife.

With the ceremony planned I had bought the wedding band,
And invited all the neighbours to the farm,
But on the day we were to wed I got tired and stayed in bed,
Now the whole darn countryside is up in arms.


Oh they’re burning down the house I was brung up in,
They’re yellin’ come on out and take your bride,
Oh they’re burning down the house I was brung up in,
But what a fool I’d be to go outside.

turn around:


Never thought my prairie queen would be causing such a scene,
And the poor old sheriff can't hold back the mob,
I'll admit we would have wed, but she went ahead and said,
When we married she was gonna quit her job.

There's her pappy at the gate with a loaded 38,
And he's yellin' "come on out before I shoot!"
Well, I wonder if he knows I've got on his Sunday clothes,
If he shoots it'll be goodbye to pappy's suit.


fiddle solo:


They brought along their lunch and I bet that whole darn bunch,
Think they're gonna sit around and starve me out,
Here inside I've got a cow, who's a cooking roast beef now?
You see they don't know what it's all about.

To me it's all a joke, I can stand a lot of smoke,
I could put it out with just a squirt of foam,
They've sure got me in a spot, and it's getting mighty hot,
But to me this burning shack is home sweet home.



guitar - "The Wedding March"

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