The Prisoner's Song
Written by Guy Massey




I wish I had someone to love me,
Someone to call me their own,
I wish I had someone to live with,
'cause I'm tired of livin' alone.


Meet me tonight love, oh meet me,
Meet me out in the moonlight alone,
For I have a sad story to tell you,
It's a story that's never been told.


I'll be carried to the new jail tomorrow,
Leavin' my poor darlin' alone,
With the cold prison bars all around me,
And my head on a pillow of stone.


Now I have a grand ship on the ocean,
All mounted with silver and gold,
And before my poor darlin' would suffer,
Oh, that ship would be anchored and sold.


Now if I had wings like an angel,
Over these prison walls I would fly,
I would fly to the arms of my darlin',
And there I'd be willin' to die.

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