Polly Vaughn




Now come all ye hunters who follow the gun,
Beware of your shooting at the setting of the sun,
For Polly’s own true lover he shot in the dark,
But oh and alas Polly Vaughn was his mark.


For she’d her apron wrapped about her,
And he took her for a swan,
Oh and alas it was she Polly Vaughn.


He ran up beside her and saw that it was she,
Crying “Polly, oh Polly, have I killed thee?”
He lifted up her head and saw that she was dead,
And a fountain of tears for his true love he shed.


In the middle of the night Polly Vaughn did appear,
Cried “Jimmy, oh Jimmy, you must have no fear,
Just tell them you were hunting when your trial day has come,
And you won’t be convicted for what you have done.”


In the middle of the trial Polly Vaughn did appear,
Crying “Uncle, oh Uncle, Jimmy Randall must go clear”,
The lawyers and the judges stood around in a row,
In the middle Polly Vaughn, like some fountian of snow.

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