Picture of You
Written by John Beveridge and Peter Oakman




In the night there are sights to be seen,
Stars shine like jewels in the crown of a queen,
But the only sight I want to view,
Is that wonderful picture of you.


On a streetcar or in a café,
All of the evening and most of the day,
My Mind is in a maze what can I do?
I only have a picture of you.


It was last summer, I fell in love,
My heart told me what to do,
I saw you there on the crest of a hill,
And I took a (little) picture of you.


Then you were gone like a dream in the night,
With you went my heart my love and my light,
I didn’t know your name what could do?
I only had a picture of you.


I’m left with that picture of you, oh yeah,
That wonderful picture of you.

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