Pecan Pie
Written by Lynn Lewis
Chord-chart by Lynn Lewis




C - F - |C G C / |


|C / / / |F / C / | Now I love pecan pie, it tastes so good don't ask me why, |C / / / |F G C / | A day will never pass me by, without some pecan pie. |C / / / |F / C / | I think that I might lose my wits, I'm mad about those cruchy bits, |C / / / |F G C / | The crust and filling all just fits, oh I love pecan pie.


C / F / |G / C / | I love pecan pie, give me a slice and I'm your guy, |Am / Dm / |C G C / | There's just one thing I can't deny, that I love pecan pie.

turn around:


Rhubarb makes my mouth go dry, eat it and you're sure to die, There's poison in them leaves, oh my, so I eat pecan pie. Blueberries turn my tongue to blue, I'm sure that can't be good for you, Them other fruits will never take the place of pecan pie.


& turn around


Flans and tarts and quiches too, are never good, as good to chew, But here's a fact that's oh so true, you can't beat pecan pie. Take pecan pie on your next date, your girl friend's mouth will salivate, Or use it just to masticate, there's nought like pecan pie.


& turn around


You may have heard of pi-r-squared, In schools it's always been declared, But no one ever really cared, 'cos pecan pie are round. Pecan pie's just right for me, with coffee or a cup of tea, My biggest thrill will always be, a piece of pecan pie.



Pe... pe... pecan pie, give me a slice and I'm your guy, There's just one thing I can't deny . . . . , I love pecan pie

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