Written by Traditional
Chord-chart by Lynn Lewis




|G / / / |/ / / I am sai - - ling out on the ocean, / |C / / / |G / / Many a mile - - from home, at sea, / |G / / / |/ / / And I won - - der little darling, / |F / / / |G / / / | If you e - - ver think of me.


I am just an old true lover, Roaming through this world alone, And I have no one to love me, Though this life I'll always roam.


I was once carefree and happy, When I won my true love's hand, But now my life is empty, Since she's with another man.


Do you remember little darling, Just how much I cared for you, And you told me that you loved me, NBut you proved to be untrue.


I am travelling far away dear, Many a mile from this old place, And I know I'll ne'er forget you, Your sweet smile and happy face.


I can hear my mother callin', I can hear my father pray, If I'd listened to my father, I would be at home today.

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