Okie from Muskogee
Written by Merle Haggard




We don't smoke marijuana in Muskogee,
We don't take no trips on LSD,
We don't burn no draft cards down on Main Street,
We like livin' right, and bein' free.


I'm proud to be an Okie from Muskogee,
A place where even squares can have a ball,
We still wave Old Glory down at the courthouse,
And white lightnin's still the biggest thrill of all.


We don't make a party out of lovin',
We like holdin' hands and pitchin' woo,
We don't let our hair grow long and shaggy,
Like the hippies out in San Francisco do.


Leather boots are still in style for manly footwear,
Beads and Roman sandals won't be seen,
Football's still the roughest thing on campus,
And the kids here still respect the college dean.


White lightnin's still the biggest thrill of all,
In Muskogee. Oklahoma, U. S. A.

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