My Sweet Love Ain't Around
Written by Hank Williams
Chord-chart by Lynn Lewis




|G / / / |G / / Listen to - - the rain a-fallin', / |G / / / |G / G7 Can't you hear - - that mournful sound? / |C / / / |G / / Oh my poor - - old heart is breakin', / |G / D / |G / / / | 'cause my sweet - - love ain't a-round.


I spent the night out lookin' for her, Her friends gave me the run around, I'll go crazy here without her, 'cause my sweet love ain't around.


Lord I think I'll start to ramble, Got to leave this weary town, This old place is way to lonely, 'cause my sweet love ain't around.


My baby's gone, what's there to live for? My whole world has tumbled down, My hopes and dreams have all been shattered, 'cause my sweet love ain't around.


Hold that train, tonight I'm leaving, And don't ask me where I'm bound, I can't stay here any longer, 'cause my sweet love ain't around.

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