I've been a moonshiner for many long years,
I spend all of my money on whiskey and beer,
I'll go down to some holler and set up my still,
I'll sell you a gallon for a two dollar bill.


I'll eat when I'm hungry and I'll drink when I'm dry,
If whiskey don't kill me Lord I'll live 'til I die,
G-d bless them moonshiners they're all friends of mine,
Their breath is a sweet as the dew on the vine.


I'll go down in some grocery and I'll drink with my friends,
No women to bother me or see what I spend,
G-d bless them pretty women I wish one was mine,
For their breath is more sweeter than even moonshine.


G-d bless that pretty woman I wish she was mine,
For her breath is more sweeter than even moonshine.

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