Molly and Tenbrooks
Written by Bill Monroe




Run, oh Molly run, run, oh Molly run,
Tenbrooks gonna beat you, to the bright shinin' sun,
To the bright shinin' sun, oh Lord, to the bright shinin' sun.


Tenbrooks was a big bay horse, he wore that shaggy mane,
He run all around Memphis, he beat the Memphis train,
Beat the Memphis train, oh Lord, beat the Memphis train.


See that train a-comin', it's comin' round the curve,
See old Tenbrooks runnin', he's strainin' every nerve,
Strainin' every nerve, oh Lord, strainin' every nerve.


Out in California where Molly done as she pleased,
Come back to old Kentucky, got beat with all ease,
Beat with all ease, oh Lord, beat with all ease.


Kuyper, Kuyper, you're not a-ridin' right,
Molly's beatin' old Tenbrooks, clear out of sight,
Clear out of sight, oh Lord, clear out of sight.


Kuyper, Kuyper, Kuyper my son,
Give old Tenbrooks the bridle, let old Tenbrooks run,
Let old Tenbrooks run, oh Lord, let old Tenbrooks run.


Tenbrooks said to Molly what makes your head so red,
Runnin’ in the hot sun with fever in your head,
Fever in your head oh Lord, fever in you head.


Molly said to Tenbrooks you’re lookin’ mighty squir’l,
Tenbrooks said to Molly I’m leavin’ this old world,
Leavin’ this old world oh Lord, leavin’ this old world.


The womens all a-laughin', the children all a-cryin',
Mens all a-hollerin', old Tenbrooks a-flyin',
Old Tenbrooks a-flyin', oh Lord, old Tenbrooks a-flyin'.


Go and catch old Tenbrooks and hitch him in the shade,
We're gonna bury old Molly,her coffin's ready-made,
Coffin's ready-made, oh Lord, coffin's ready-made.


Let old Tenbrooks run, oh Lord, let old Tenbrooks run.

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