Maple on the Hill




In a quiet country village stood a maple on the hill,
Where I sat with my Geneva long ago,
As the stars were shining brightly we could hear the whippoorwill,
As we sat beneath the maple on the hill.


We would sing love songs together when the birds had gone to rest,
We would listen to the murmur o’er the hill,
Will you love me little darling as you did those starry nights,
As we sat beneath the maple on the hill.


Don’t forget me little darling when they lay me down to die,
Just one little wish my darling that I pray,
As you linger there in sadness thinking darling of the past,
Let your teardrops kiss the flowers on my grave.


I will soon be with the angels on that bright and peaceful shore,
Even now I hear them coming o'er the hill,
So goodbye, my little darling it is time for us to part,
I must leave you 'neath the maple on the hill.

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