Low and Lonely
Written by Floyd Jenkins
Chord-chart by Lynn Lewis




|G / / C |G / / Low and lone-ly - sad and blue, / |G / / / |D / / Thinking on-ly - of little you, / |G / / / |C / / Always try-ing - to keep from cry-ing, / |G / D / |G / / / | I’m low and lone-ly o-ver you.


Do you miss me, say you do, Tell me darling, please tell me true, Do you yearn dear, for my return dear, I’m low and lonely over you.


Low and lonely, weary too, You’re the only, true love I knew, Don’t be long dear, you know it’s wrong dear, I’m low and lonely over you.


You’re my darling, you’re my dear, You can trust me, so never fear, How I miss you, I long to kiss you, I’m low and lonely over you.

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