Little Girl in Tennessee
Written by Lester Flatt




Oh, a long, long time ago when I left my home to roam,
Down in the hills of Tennessee,
There's the sweetest little girl that was ever in this world,
Down in the hills of Tennessee.


Oh, little girl of mine in Tennessee,
I know she’s waiting there for me,
Someday I’ll settle down in that little country town,
With that little girl of mine in Tennessee.


Oh, she begged me not to go “You’ll be sorry dear I know”,
For the way that you’ve been treating me,
So I rambled all around but nothing could be found,
To take the place of her in Tennessee.


Oh, someday I’ll wander back to that little mountain shack,
The little girl that’s waiting there for me,
I can see her smiling face waiting for me at the gate,
The little girl of mine in Tennessee.

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