Little Bessie
Chord-chart by Lynn Lewis




/ |G / / / |/ / / Hug me clo - - ser mother closer, / |G / / / |/ / / Put your arms - - a-round me tight, / |G / / / |/ / / / For I'm cold - - and tired dear mother, G / D / |G / / And - I feel so strange to-night.


Something hurts me here dear mother, Like a stone upon my breast, And I wonder, mother, wonder, Why it is I cannot rest.


All the day while you were working, As I lay upon my bed, I was trying to be patient, And to think of what you'd said.


Just before the lamps were lighted, Just before the children came, While the room was very quiet, I heard someone call my name.


Come up here my little Bessie, Come up here and live with me, Where little children never suffer, Through the long eternity.


At the silent hour of midnight, In the silence calm and deep, Lying on her mother's bosom, Little Bessie fell asleep.


Now up yonder at the portals, That are shining very fair, Little Bessie now is tended, By her Savior's loving care.

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