Letter to Tom
Written by John Duffey
Chord-chart by Lynn Lewis




D / G / |


|G C G / |D / G / I wandered by the village Tom, I sat be-neath the tree, |G C A / |D / G / U-pon the schoolhouse playing ground that sheltered you and me.

chorus 1:

|C / G / |C G A D / But none are left to greet me Tom and few are left to know, |C / G / |D / G / | That played with us u-pon the green just fifteen years a-go.



The river's running just as still, the willows on its side, Are larger than they were dear Tom the stream appears less wide.

chorus 2:

But in kneeling down beside the stream dear Tom I startled so, To see how sadly I am changed since fifteen years ago.

turn around:

D / G / |

chorus 3:

But when our time shall come dear Tom and we are called to go, I hope they'll lay us where we played just fifteen years ago.


Just fifteen years ago.

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