Left on the Street
Written by Chuck Carson & Bill Monroe




A policeman whistled gayly, a smile upon his face,
As he walked along the old familiar beat,
He saw a little boy crying as though his heart would break,
Standing bare foot in the middle of the street.


I was left on the street with no shoes upon my feet,
When I saw my mom and daddy drive away,
Now I'm not old enough to know very much myself,
But I saw my dad and mommy drive away.


The policeman stopped the traffic, then went up to the boy,
And he asked him tenderly, "where do you belong?"
The little boy stopped crying and with trembling lips he said,
I'm not big enough to know just what went wrong.


The little boy is happy now with a new mom and a dad,
His new daddy is the policeman on the beat,
Though he can't forget that awful day, it doesn't seem to hurt so bad,
He has a brand new pair of shoes upon his feet.

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