In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree




Well it was just the other day I thought I‘d take a bath in some water,
For a bath I hadn’t had since I don’t know when,
And for that bath I didn’t want to have to pay a quarter,
So I ran down to the creek and jumped right in.
I hung my clothes upon an old apple tree limb,
‘twas there I got into an awful fix,
‘cos an old maid came and sat right down beside ‘em,
And there she sat from one o’clock ‘til six.


In the shade of the old apple tree,
I’s in water right up to my knees.
I had to lay down while she was around,
‘til only my nose you could see.
The mosquitoes were biting my nose ,
And the crawdads were nibbling my toes.
I lay there all day until she went away,
From the shade of the old apple tree.


Well it was just the other day I went and got myself married,
You can bet your life I was a happy groom,
But the only thing that filled my heart with sadness,
Was that parts of her were scattered round the room,
Her glass eye and false teeth were on the mantle,
And on the bed she layed a lock of hair,
But the thing really filled my heart will sadness,
Was when she pitched her wooden leg upon the chair,
and it was a limb from ....



I’d carved out my name,
And there it was plain,
On here limb from the old apple tree.

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