I'm On My Way Somewhere
Written by Louis "Grandpa" Jones




When Louisville was eight more miles away my old heart sung a song,
I thought I’d hug and kiss my gal before so very long,
But when I got to Louisville I found she wasn’t true,
So I’ll tell you all about it now as to why I feel so blue.


When I got to Louisville my gal she wasn’t there,
They said she’d gone with someone else, 'twas more than I could bear,
So I’m heading out on this old train where to I don’t much care,
Louisville is eight miles back and I’m on my way somewhere.


I always dreamed of some sweet day when she could be my wife,
And we would settle down somewhere and lead a happy life,
But now I know just how things are and how they’d always be,
So I know that now that Louisville just ain’t the place for me.


Right now I’m traveling down this road to get her off my mind,
The thing I want to do is leave old Louisville behind,
Who knows I may find happiness and one who fills the bill,
A girl that’s true and not like her that lives in Louisville.

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