I Heard the Bluebirds Sing
Written by Hod Pharis
Chord-chart by Lynn Lewis




|G / / / |C / / / I met a girl out in the hills, She gave my lonely heart a thrill, |G / / / |D / / / Her beauty seemed just like a breath of spring, |G / / / |C / / / And when I looked in-to her eyes, I thought of bluest a summer skies, |G / / / |D / G And when I held her hand in mine, I heard the bluebirds sing.

chorus 1:

G |C / |/ / / They sang of wondering - (wondering if he loved her), / |G / |/ / / Will she marry - (marry if he'll ask her), / |D / |/ / / / | Will her heart beat - (heart beat true for him for), G / / Then and ever-more, / |C / |/ / / And when she's lonely - (lonely is he near her), / |G / |/ / / When there's sadness - (sadness will her cheer her), / |D / |/ / / / | Will they always - (always be to-gether), D / |G / / / | Un-til in death they part.


I courted her for months on end, until she promised we would wed, We planned on being married in the spring, All through the long cold winter months, it seemed that spring would never come, And every gloomy winter day, I heard the bluebirds sing.

chorus 2:

They sang of waiting (waiting for the flowers), And of counting (counting every hour), 'til the bluebird (bluebird chirps his welcome), Into the world once more, And though we're waiting (waiting for the sunshine), We keep hating (hating every storm cloud), That has gathered (gathered on the mountains), To keep us for apart.


And when at last spring touched the earth, We were married in the village and, our wedding seems just like a dream come true, So many years have come and gone, our love is still as true and strong, As when I found longer ago, and still the bluebirds sing.

chorus 3:

They sang of loving (loving every hour), That I'm married (married to my flower), We'll be happy (happy ever after), As since the day we've met, And though we're older (older love is sweeter), We grow fonder (fonder to each other), We'll be sweethearts (sweethearts lose together), Until the end of time.

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