I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby
Written by Autry Inman
Chord-chart by Lynn Lewis




|G / / / |D / / Last night - my dear the rain was fall-ing, / |C / / / |D / / / } I went to bed - - so sad and blue, D / / / |G / / / | Then - I had a dream of you.


I dreamed I was strolling in the evening, Underneath the harvest moon, I was thinking about you.


Then we met out in the moonlight, The stars were shining in your eyes, But another was there too.


I don't believe you've met my baby, You looked at him, you looked at me , I wondered who you were talking to.


I shook the hand of your stranger, But I was shaking more inside, I was still wondering who.


Your arm was resting on his shoulder, You smiled at him, he smiled at you, His eyes were filled with victory.


He said my sister wants to marry, And then my heart was filled with ease, I knew that you would marry me.

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