I Can't Tell The Boys From The Girls
Written by Lester Flatt and Bob Leftridge




Well I've been a bachelor all my life,
I thought the time had come to take a wife,
So I moved to the city to find myself a mate,
But I get all confused when I start looking for a date.


Oh, I can't tell the boys from the girls,
And friends it's really messing up my world,
They all wear long hair and bouncy curls,
And I can't tell the boys from the girls.


I walked in a picture show and found a seat,
This pretty little thing sat down in front of me,
I leaned over and asked her if she'd like some company,
But I nearly died when she truned out to be a he.



I'm going to leave this city and go home,
I guess I'll stay single from now on,
But I won't make the same mistake by coming here again,
'cause I can't tell difference between the hers and hims.


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