Handsome Molly
Written by William York
Chord-chart by Lynn Lewis




C / / / Well, I wish I was in London, |C / G / Or some other seaport town, |G / / / I'd set my foot on a steam-boat, |F / C / | And sail the ocean 'round.


C / / / | Sailing 'round the ocean, C / G / Sailing 'cross the sea, |G / / / | I'll think of Handsome Mol-ly, |F / G / | Wher-ever she may be.


Her hair as black as a raven's, Her eyes were black as coal, Her teeth shone like lilies, Out in the morning cold.


I saw her in church on Sunday, She passed me on by, I knew her mind was changin', By the roving of her eye.


Don't you remember, Molly, You gave me your right hand? You said if you ever married, That I would be your man.


But now you broke your promise, Go marry whom you please, While my poor heart is breaking, You're lying at your ease.


I go down to the river, Though everyone's asleep, I think of handsome Molly, And I begin to weep.

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