Freight Train Blues
Written by John Lair




I was born in dixie in a boomer’s shack,
Just a little old shanty by a railroad track,
The hummin’ of the drivers was my lullaby,
And a freight train whistle taught me how to cry.


I’ve got the freight train blues,
Lordy, lordy, lordy,
Got ’em in the bottom of my ramblin’ shoes,
When that whistle blows, I’ve gotta go,
Lordy, lordy, think I’m never gonna lose,
The freight train blues.


Now my pappy was a fireman and my mammy dear,
Was the only daughter of an engineer,
My sweetie is a brakeman and it ain’t no joke,
Now it’s a shame the way she keeps a good man broke.


The only thing that makesa me want to settle down,
Is the sweetest litlle girl, boys, in this old town.
The only thing that makes me want to navigate,
Is the lonesome whistle on a south bound freight.

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