Forget Me Not
Written by Bill Martin
Chord-chart by Lynn Lewis




Dm / Dm7 / |G / G7


/ |C / / / |G / / Oh my la-dy, sweet love of mine, G |Am / D / |G / E For-get me not, while I'm away, E |F / / / |C / Am A-cross the blue, slowly rolling ocean, Am |C / G / |F / C / |/ I will re-turn to you some-day.


Through the dark and dreary night, I dreamed I held you here beside me, When I awoke I heard behind me, The sound of guns and distant drums.


C |Em / / For-get me not, Em |F / C I feel so 'lone, lost and lonesome, C |G / / Like a child, G |F / / Maybe I just need, F |G / / To see some-body smile.


Are you thinking, of all the times, When we were running all through the greenfields, My eyes are closed, still I see the greenfields, They seem to sing, they seem to sing.


repeat 1.

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