Down The Road
Written by Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs




Down the road, down the road,
Got a little pretty girl, down the road.


Now down the road just a mile or two, lives a little girl named Pearly Blue,
About so high and her hair is brown, the prettiest thing boys in this town.


Now anytime you want to know, where I'm going, down the road,
Get my girl on the line, you'll find me there most any old time.


Now everyday and Sunday too, I go to see my Pearly Blue,
Before you hear that rooster crow, you'll see me headed down the road.


Now her old man he owns the farm , from the hog lot to the barn,
From the barn to the rail, made his living by carrying the mail.


Now every time I get the blues, I walk the soles right off my shoes,
I don't know why I love her so, that gal of mine lives down the road.

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