Diggy Liggy Lo
Written by J. D. "Jay" Miller & Terry Clement




Diggy Liggy Li and Diggy Liggy Lo,
Fell in love at the fais-do-do
(Cajun dance party),
The pop was cold and the coffee chaud
(fr. hot),
For Diggy Liggy Li and Diggy Liggy Lo.


Diggy Liggy Li loved Diggy Liggy Lo,
Everyone knew he was her beau,
No one else could ever show,
So much love for Diggy Liggy Lo.


There's a place to find romance,
Where they do the Cajun dance,
Steal a kiss with ev'ry chance,
Show their love with ev'ry glance.


Finally he went to see her pa,
Now he's got a pa-in-law,
He wooed her where the bayous flow,
Now he's got a little Diggy Liggy Lo.

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