(There's) Better Times A-coming
Written by Chester Smith & Cal Veale
Chord-chart by Lynn Lewis




|G / / / |/ / D / Well the cows went dry, the hens don't lay, there's no place I can borrow, |G / C / |D / / / | I gave the landlord all the news and the rent comes due tomorrow, G / / / |/ / D / Lots of money in the bank, they say that's where they keep it, |G / C / |D / / / | Not only won't they loan me some they wouldn't let me see it.


|G / / / | So pick away on the old ban-jo, G / D / | Keep that guitar strumming, G / C / Put more water in the soup, |D / G / | There's better times a-coming.


Well Mary Lou could pull a plow if only I would let her, Twice as strong as any ox and she don't smell much better, Didn't kiss that Mary Lou but once and then I had to leave her, Make's my collar get so tight, I start to burn with fever.



My rooster used to chase a hen, he just kept getting thinner, He nearly ran himself to death so I bought him in for dinner, Cotton crops are mighty poor the weeds are really growin', I need a woman pretty bad to help me with the hoein'.



A man came by the other day a-huntin' manual labour, Said I hadn't seen the guy why don't he ask my neighbour, So come on boys get your gals and kick your heels up higher, Don't let no one steal your gal just hold her a little tighter.


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