Ray’s Prayer

June 30, 2006

Ray's Prayer will soon be removed from the Internet. If you would like to download and save this song, please do so before it is unavailable.

Thank you all for your kind words, your help and your prayers throughout this ordeal.

With love,



Ray’s Prayer was written for Ray by his wife, Joanna Katzen. She hopes that you will take pleasure in singing it by way of a prayer for Ray’s full recovery, health and peace of mind.

If you also pray in a more conventional way, please join us in doing so. For those who wish to use Ray’s Hebrew name, it is Ariel David ben Sarah.

Special thanks to Ofer Golany and Rahel Jaskow for their help with the creation of this site.

Download Ray’s Prayer (MP3 format) right click on mouse and "Save Target As ..."

(Additional vocals by Rahel Jaskow. Additional instrumentals by Ofer Golany. Recorded and mixed by Ofer Golany.)

Ray’s Prayer

Words and music by Joanna Katzen
© August 2003 Joanna Katzen

Over the sunrise and into the dawn,
Pray to the sky that his life will live on.
Down through the valleys and up by the trees,
Warring the fight of his life.

And we sing our hope for the future:
Let us join now our hands as we rise up in song,
And we pray and we cry and we call out once more,
And we ask that his life will live on.

High noon has passed and the river flows on;
Tribute was paid as the legend lives on.
While tears paid some debts and apologies rained,
And the closest are pushed far away.


On to the sunset and into the dusk,
Onward he sails though honest he must.
’Cause we never know of the length of our days:
Weigh careful the wake of your ways,
Weigh careful the wake of your ways.


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