CDs recorded at Argaman Studios

Wherever possible, links are provided to the artist's site where you may be able to listen to one or more clips.

As with so many other segments of the Scudero's Place site, this one is evolving. We will be adding information whenever we can, so come back from time to time to see what's new.

Album cover from Rahel Jaskow's CD, Day of Rest
Rahel Jaskow's Day of Rest

Album cover from Charles Crosson's CD, Get Out Of Town!
Charles Crosson's Get out of town!

Album cover from Joanna and Ray Scudero's CD, Poor Working Slob
Joanna and Ray Scudero's Poor Working Slob

Album cover from Ray Scudero's CD, With The Help Of Angels
Ray Scudero's With The Help Of Angels

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