Two Rivers

© Words and music by Ray Scudero. All rights reserved.

Two rivers joining at a point of land,
Fed by the mountain streams and by the winter rain;
Two rivers merging till they flow as one,
Rooted in the earth and sky, and running to the sea.
The heavens stand as witness to the wedding of the streams
What yesterday was two now stands as one;
As morning flows from evening and as waking grows from dreams,
The life of two together has begun.

Two people joining at a point in time,
Drawn together in the light and bound by empathy;
Two people merging till they live as one,
Sharing in their destiny and welded by their love.
The promise spoken here can never fade and never die;
The love within the vow shall ever live;
Though bones may turn to dust and then the dust to Heaven fly,
There’s forever in the love that they will give.

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