© Words and music by Ray Scudero. All rights reserved.

Once upon a time there was a lady from the summertime
Came into the kingdom of the cold.
And once upon a time there was a man from the wintertime
Played his silver strings on frets of gold.

And the lady was a princess and a minstrel was the man,
And the land was full of summer warm and bright.
And the minstrel and the princess walked together in the land,
And they slept with trees for shelter in the night.

And once upon the kingdom was a mountain made of stone
And the mountaintop could touch the turquoise sky.
And once upon the mountaintop the crimson sunset shone
As feathered vees of birds flew slowly by.

And the lady and the minstrel, the princess and the man
Sought to climb the stony mountaintop so high,
So they traveled to the foothills, crossed the streams across the land,
And they rested ’neath the silver moonlit sky.

Early morning sunlight touched the sleeping couple’s eyes
As they rose to meet the morning of the day.
Serenades of songbirds singing sweetly swept the skies
And wispy breezes made the willows sway.

In fields of grass and hay a doe and fawn together ran
And herons on the higher winds did ride
As the minstrel helped the princess and the lady helped the man
To climb the steep and stony mountainside.

High above the mountain is a castle in the air
Where the minstrel and the princess live today.
And deep within yourself you’ll know the story’s true and fair
When the minstrel and the princess come to play.

For the princess has the loving spirit living in her heart
And the minstrel learns the song she always brings,
And the happy-ever-after never-ending story is
Unfolding right before you as he sings.

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