The Sky Has Broken

© Words and music by Ray Scudero. All rights reserved.

They’ve climbed up to heaven and walked in the moondust,
They’ve gone to the depths of the deepest of seas,
And they’ve built up their armies and conquered in bloodlust,
They take what they’re after and do as they please.

And they pour out their poisons into the waters,
They tear mighty mountains down to the ground,
And the world that they’d leave to our sons and daughters
Is Paradise lost, ne’er again to be found.

And the songs of the poets, the words of the prophets
Ring from the rooftops and fall on deaf ears.
While men build their mansions and fill up their pockets,
We cry out for justice, but nobody hears.

As sure as the storm brings lightning and thunder,
As sure as the tide and the rivers will flow,
As sure as the heavens are filled up with wonder,
We’re gonna harvest whatever we sow.

Now see how they’ve fallen down from their towers,
These mighty men of wealth and fame,
And see how they’ve lost their terrible powers,
Never, never to rise up again.

The sky has broken and let the sun through,
Shining brightly than ever before,
Now dry your tears and hide your sorrow,
Love is beside you forevermore.

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