Melody and Harmony

© Words and music by Ray Scudero. All rights reserved.

It goes back a bunch of years
To when I was just a kid.
I played baseball and read comic books
Like all the others did.
But something else I liked to do
Summer, winter, fall and spring,
Was this magic I discovered
When I learned that I could sing.


With the melody and the harmony
And the rhyme that makes the song,
And the pulsing of the rhythm
As the voices sing along,
Lifting souls in song to touch
The shining stars above,
Our lives can work together
In a symphony of love.

Half a life of summers
Has gone by me like the winds.
I’ve traveled well in distant lands
And met with many friends.
And through this wondrous tapestry,
One common thread I’ve found:
This magic I discovered
Can be heard the whole world 'round.

The world is getting closer-knit;
It’s much to our delight.
We see everything that’s going on
By TV satellite.
And though there’s war and famine
And the ozone’s being destroyed,
It seems we can find hope for Man
Where music’s being deployed.

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