Lullaby in C

© Words and music by Ray Scudero. All rights reserved.

Like stars love the night sky
And the leaves love the tree,
Like a child loves a lullaby
And the sky loves the sea,
Like the valley loves the river
And the clouds love the wind,
I love thee.

Like time loves forever
And waves love the sand,
Like winter loves springtime
And grass loves the land,
Like rain loves the garden
And eyes love to see,
I love you forever and ever
And ever as ever can be.

Special note from Joanna Katzen:

This is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. It is especially beautiful when performed by Ray and Rahel Jaskow together, with Ray singing the English, and Rahel singing her Hebrew translation—even if you don’t understand Hebrew, you will love it.

A wonderful recording of this can be heard on Ray’s CD, With the Help of Angels, and on Rahel’s CD, Day of Rest.

A transliteration of the Hebrew lyrics can be found on Rahel’s site.

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